Best YouTube channels for science lovers

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Whether you have a STEM degree, or have just always loved to learn, it’s hard to stay on top of an ever-changing subject like science. You’ll be excited to discover some of the amazing YouTube channels that continue to cover topics throughout every field of science. Many of these channels have also adapted fun ways to teach their subject, which makes them significantly more entertaining than the science books you might be used to.

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Best YouTube channels for science lovers

8. Mayim Bialik (General Science and Biology)

You may know her as Amy from “The Big Bang Theory.” Actress Mayim Bialik’s channel is a little broader than just science. She also talks about family and religion (specifically with her background of Judaism) in relation to science. Not only is it interesting to see a familiar actor discussing these topics, but she also does an excellent job explaining her points and going into topics that are somewhat controversial. She tries to show how science relates to everyday social situations.

7. Tier Zoo (Zoology)

Most science channels are pretty broad with what they talk about, but Tier Zoo has a unique approach to discussing science. They focus specifically on zoology, but present it as if the world was a video game, and each animal had its own tier. You’ll be cracking up laughing with their explanations on how the “meta” each animal is. It’s hard to even realize how much you actually learn from watching these videos, as the information is subtly given between jokes. This makes it a great channel for young adult viewers.

6. Minutephysics (Physics)

While there are a few channels on this list that tend to use imagery to teach their science, none do it quite as well as Minutephysics does. This is a primarily animated channel, and definitely one of the best for those who appreciate that style of teaching. As the name would imply, they do not shy away from clever wordplay, which can be extra enjoyable to all the pun-lovers out there. They cover a lot of interesting topics on how the universe works, and are great to watch regardless of whether you’re particularly into physics or not.

5. NASA (Astronomy)

Out of all the major science organizations, NASA is probably the most socially interactive. So it follows that they are one of the best YouTube channels in this genre. As the leaders in space discovery, NASA provides quality content like no one else. They provide videos on practically every question you could think to ask. This makes them the best channel to follow if you want to stay updated on anything space related. 

4. Gross Science (General Science)

Created by PBS Digital Studios, Gross Science is just what the name implies. It covers the topics of gross science in a fun and approachable way, making the uninteresting interesting. This channel is great for kids, especially those who are just starting to develop their interest in science. Unfortunately, the channel is on hiatus right now, but the channel still has all of its old episodes up, so there are tons of videos to watch! And hopefully, they’ll resume making new ones soon.

3. Computerphile (Computer Science and Robotics)

Computer Science is a surprisingly broad subject, and Computerphile covers every corner. From software engineering to robotics, this is the perfect channel for tech people looking to learn more. They are actually part of a larger group of channels owned by Brady Haran, but Computerphile is definitely number one in terms of robotics. His videos are cool and informative, while showing off some of the newest engineering masterpieces.

2. It’s Okay To Be Smart (General Science)

Like Gross Science, It’s Okay To Be Smart is owned by PBS Digital Studios, and is aimed towards a slightly younger audience. That said, the subject of each episode is still interesting to all ages. By combining visuals with his information, Joe Hanson is able to teach a lot of interesting subjects in each video. This channel is perfect for a family of science lovers, as the content is really meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

1. AsapSCIENCE (General Science)

One of the most popular science channels out there, AsapSCIENCE features two partners discussing in-depth details on scientific topics that are often left undiscussed. In particular, they talk about the science of pop culture, and everyday activities that we don’t think much about, such as lying. By having two people, they are able to have a conversation that flows more easily then just one scientist speaking, and the work they put into each episode really shows. 

Along with these great channels, we have put together a ton of fantastic science books for you to check out as well. Be sure to head on over to our Softonic Solutions page to find out the 19 best books about science.

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