Google gives YouTube results priority in song searches

Jonathan Riggall


Google has introduced new look search results for songs, that appear to give YouTube results priority. Search for a song title, and Google will give you a card at the top with an image that links to video, along with basic data about the song.

The results are generally taken from official artist accounts on YouTube, and sometimes you will find results from other services like Vimeo or Dailymotion, but their cards are smaller, with a smaller thumbnail. Google says it is not giving its own YouTube results prominence over others, but it certainly looks that way. According to Google, this change is just makes it easier for users to get to what they want.

Google gives YouTube results priority in song searches

The feature isn’t perfect yet – some songs fail to bring up card results even when there is a video. It works best with the biggest artists and songs, for less well known or older songs, the search result quality changes abruptly.

It is difficult for Google to balance giving users the best results while avoiding charges of favoritism for their own products. In this case, the new song results cards are probably easier for users, and do give you what you are looking for.


[Source: Search Engine Watch]

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