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2020 has been an atypical year full of unique challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to reevaluate many aspects of our personal lives, from how we communicate with our families and friends to how we work and stay safe when we leave the house.

After many months of confinement, now that summer’s here, we all want to go out and rediscover the world. However, the appearance of new outbreaks means that for many, travel is still a distant dream that will have to wait until there is a vaccine. Does that mean you can’t do any sightseeing when you’re on vacation this year?

Fortunately, there are a number of interesting ways to visit some of the most amazing places on the planet without leaving your living room or spending a dime! No, we’re not crazy, we’re talking about virtual tours you can do online. You can walk in the Scottish Highlands, visit the Ghibli Museum in Japan, or discover the glaciers of Iceland from your PC or phone. Do you find that hard to believe?

In today’s article, we’re going to share what we consider to be the most interesting virtual tours on YouTube today. We hope you find them helpful!

How to take advantage of virtual tours on YouTube

To enjoy these virtual tours on YouTube, you only need an internet connection, but to take full advantage of them, we recommend getting a VR headset that’s compatible with your phone. That way you can immerse yourself in your chosen destination, and when you move your head, the video will move at the same time.

There is a wide selection of virtual reality headsets for your phone with affordable prices. You can check out the best deals on Amazon here.

If you’re a PC user, you can also enjoy these videos to the fullest by purchasing a compatible virtual reality headset. They are a lot more expensive, but they offer a far more realistic and immersive experience.

The best undersea virtual reality tours 

Want to go underwater and explore the fauna in coral reefs? There are some excellent virtual reality tours of amazing places such as Manta Point, the star location for scuba diving in Bali, or the Glen Nusa shipwreck. In fact, you can even swim among sharks without leaving your living room. Interested?

360° Coral reefs

Scuba diving at Manta Nusa Penida (Bali)

Scuba diving at the Glen Nusa wreck

360° Coral reef with sharks

Underwater national park at Buck Island Reef

The best virtual tours of the USA 

Now that the US border is closed to the vast majority of the world, the best way to enjoy the United States is through a virtual tour. You can visit the Grand Canyon, go hiking in Yosemite Park, or enjoy well-known museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

The Grand Canyon

Go hiking in Yosemite Park

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Visit the rest of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by clicking this link.

Visit the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Visit NASA

The best virtual tours of Iceland

Iceland, the paradise of fire and ice, is another incredible destination for tourism without leaving your sofa. Here you can enjoy icy landscapes, the Northern Lights, and an underwater paradise. How does that sound?

Visit Iceland’s glaciers

Take a diving tour of the Melckmety shipwreck

Experience the amazing Northern Lights

The best virtual tours of Africa

An exceptional destination for nature and wildlife lovers, Africa is home to some of the most astonishing and majestic animals on the planet. Discover the magic of Kenya and Tanzania, or the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zambia-Zimbabwe.

12 Virtual safaris in Africa

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Fly over Victoria Falls

The best virtual tours of Australia

Although it has been severely affected by forest fires, Australia is still a green paradise that attracts millions of visitors a year. You can visit the paradisiacal Hamilton Island, attend an opera, or enjoy the lights at the Vivid festival in the heart of Sydney without leaving your living room.

Visit Hamilton Island and go scuba diving

Discover Sydney’s magical Vivid festival

Visit the Sydney Opera House

Fly over Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Explore Kangaroo Island

The best virtual tours of New Zealand 

Previously visited by few, New Zealand has become a hot tourist destination thanks to the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. Its stunning landscapes and wilderness are a few of its many strong points. Want to discover it?

Explore Weta Cave (Weta Workshop)

Stroll through the city of Wellington

Visit New Zealand’s most beautiful landscapes

The best virtual tours of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. It has cosmopolitan cities, stunning natural landscapes, and fascinating historical sites. If you’ve always wanted to stroll through the streets of London, visit Cornwall, or enjoy the beauty of Newcastle, don’t miss these tours.

Visit London and its main points of interest

Tour the top tourist sites of England

Visit Buckingham Palace

Stroll through Camden Town

Ride the colossal London Eye

Visit the Tower of London

The best virtual tours of Italy

Considered to be the cradle of art, Italy has been the birthplace of many great poets, painters, and sculptors. Enjoy its views and beaches, and don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of its best-known monuments from the comfort of your armchair.

Tour the Venice Carnival

Discover the Colosseum

Tour the city of Rome

Discover Cinque Terre National Park

Visit Florence

The best virtual tours of France

If you have always dreamed of spending a day in the “city of love,” touring the Champs-Élysées or visiting the Louvre… Why not use your vacation this year to do just that? You can go to the top of the Eiffel Tower or enjoy the Palace of Versailles without spending a euro.

Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Visit Paris

See the Mona Lisa

Visit the top sightseeing spots in Paris

The best virtual tours of China

China is a country full of charm and tradition with many sights to see. From Shanghai and Hong Kong to the Great Wall of China, hours of adventures await you, and you can enjoy them today without taking the long plane flight!

Visit the Great Wall of China

Visit the city of Shanghai

Cross the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Fly over the Guilin Mountains

Visit some panda bears

Discover Hong Kong

The best virtual tours of the Amazon

Considered the lungs of the planet, the Amazon is the perfect destination for adventurous, nature-loving travelers. If you enjoy beautiful scenery but are not up for braving the dangers of the jungle… Why not take a virtual tour on YouTube? Here are the ones we like the most:

Go deep into the heart of the Amazon

Tour the Amazon 

Learn the secrets of the Amazon with a local guide 

The best virtual tours of Japan

Japan is a magical destination full of history, beauty, and charm. Here, you’ll find big cities like Tokyo and idyllic villages with spectacular natural scenery. Whether you’re a fan of manga and video games or want to learn more about Japan’s thousand-year-old culture and lifestyle, you’ll love these videos.

Visit the top sightseeing destinations in Japan

Tour 12 emblematic places in Tokyo

Discover Shinjuku

Relax in some of the best spots in Tokyo (in 3D)

Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo

Have a blast in Akihabara

Visit the temples of Kyoto

Visit Studio Ghibli

  • Click here to watch the rest of the Studio Ghibli videos.

The best virtual tours of Germany

Germany is the perfect destination if you love art and especially music. Here, you can visit cosmopolitan, historic cities like Berlin, or see the amazing Neuschwanstein Castle, straight out of a fairytale. How does that sound?

Spend a day in Berlin

Fly over Neuschwanstein Castle

Visit Cologne

Tour the South of Germany and the Black Forest 

Discover Hamburg

The best virtual tours of Spain

Last but not least, Spain has hundreds of beautiful spots that you probably have yet to visit. Why not take advantage of your vacation to take a trip around the country?

Visit Cadiz and Seville

Spend a day in Barcelona

Take a Barcelona bus tour

Check out the Sagrada Familia

Relax in Park Güell

Visit Madrid (3D)

Discover the Alhambra of Granada

Climb the Picos de Europa

Take a tour of Lloret de Mar

We hope you liked our selection of virtual tours on YouTube. Is there anywhere special you would like to visit this summer? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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