YouTube fixes some sudden issues with its services

Monique Casingal


Popular video-sharing app YouTube has had to quickly apply fixes to its features and services after several of them stopped working last Tuesday, April 12. These issues include being unable to sign in, the menu sidebar not displaying anything, and the TV screencasting function failing, among others.

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms around so it’s no surprise that it can become vulnerable to serious problems from time to time. From YouTube being criticized for trending toxic content to the YouTube algorithm making things difficult for content creators, there’s no shortage of storms its developers have to weather. Technical issues like this, however, are pretty easy to resolve.

YouTube fixes some sudden issues with its services

On Tuesday, several reports all over the world came in saying that certain features across YouTube services are being wonky. The services—YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Music, and YouTube Studio—are mainly having trouble with user login, account-switching, account menus, and navigation bars. 

Other issues include being unable to cast to TVs, use the app on a gaming console, access account drop-down menus, and getting the “no internet connection” error message when watching. Fortunately, users could still watch videos from their homepage or search results. However, they couldn’t access any curated content for their accounts.

YouTube eventually rolled out fixes for all known issues a few hours after its Twitter post acknowledged the problem. You should now be able to do all of the above without much trouble on any device. This is great since the most recent YouTube integration with Snapchat is something worth trying out if you like sharing content.

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