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The YouTube Android app offers a comfortable way to watch and enjoy clips from the popular online video repository.

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  • Intelligent, comfortable user interface
  • Includes lots of YouTube features
  • Simple player controls
  • Record and upload videos directly
  • Excellent playlist integration


  • Video quality not as high as web counterpart


The YouTube Android app offers a comfortable way to watch and enjoy clips from the popular online video repository.

What does the YouTube app do?

This official YouTube app makes it easy to watch videos on your phone. The user interface is intelligently designed to offer all the great features of YouTube without sacrificing screen space.

You can comfortably view YouTube videos in portrait mode while checking out info, related videos and comments at the same time. You can access extra sharing options directly while watching the video. It is also possible to view footage filmed vertically in full-screen with this orientation.

Rotate your phone to landscape mode and YouTube will automatically resize the movie to full-screen; and remove the rest of the page elements. The player controls are kept perfectly simple. In fact, all you need to do is touch the screen to pause and slide your finger along the timeline to fast forward and rewind.

Navigating videos is also intuitive, with a great many features available to help you find what you are looking for - including recommended videos, favorite channels, and subscriptions, all just a few taps away. The playlist option allows you to create custom feeds, a dedicated music homepage surfaces music videos based on your history, and YouTube mix will create a custom playlist for you based on your favorite tracks. Any movies purchased via Google are available in a separate tab.

Upload video to YouTube

The YouTube app for Android makes it very easy for you to quickly grab and upload videos to YouTube from your phone. All you do is hit the video camera button, record your footage, then the app will upload it to your YouTube channel in the background. You can also select existing videos to upload from your SD card. If your video isn't perfect, then the YouTube app also offers some in-app editing tools.

If you need to more closely manage your channel on the go, you can also now reply to and delete comments from the app.

YouTube is generally included by default within the Android operating system. However, it's well worth downloading the official app because it means you can always have the very latest version of the application.

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